“Computers themselves, and software yet to be developed,
will revolutionize the way we learn.”

- Steve Jobs -

PulseHR - Time and Attendance

PulseHR – Time and attendance 2.0 is a flexible software solution built with Microsoft development tools offering the following functionalities:

Workgroups, personnel data and related catalogs

The personnel database contains the list of the employees, their identity card information, organized in workgroups.

Cards, Readers and Area definitions

  • Cards definition

    Every card has a unique number and a unique barcode and is associated to one person (from the personnel database).

  • Readers

    Every reader (or terminal) has a unique code, a name and a longer description. Also they can be positioned using 3D coordinates.

  • Areas and Area readers

    The areas (or zones) are fully customizable and depend on the user's needs. Areas can be production units, production sections, lines. The number of readers (terminals) used affects the need for different areas.

Clocking (Check IN / Check Out)

Clocking (Check IN and Check OUT) is made using any of the following terminals:

  • Fingerprint / Proximity card Readers (E90)
    • A reader can handle up to 3000 users
    • Fast scanning sensor – scans any fingerprint in under 1 second
    • Pull technology – clocking data is pulled to the software database automatically by a service running on the server
    • Time clock works even when offline - stores 60,000 records in its internal memory keeping data for 3 years when no current
    • Available multiple Time and attendance modes: Fingerprint / Proximity card / Fingerprint + Proximity card / Password / Fingerprint + Password
  • PC terminals
  • Custom (on customer’s request) terminals that meet the following requirements
    • compatible with Microsoft operating systems
    • connects through serial port, parallel port, Ethernet, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth
    • reads magnetic cards, barcodes or RFID-s
    • has a screen for messages
    • has at least 3 customizable buttons (optional)

Analyzers & reports

  • Report selection interface

    The reports are generated on period of time and filter parameters like persons, workgroups, areas or readers.

  • Attendance times – Details

    This report shows the clocking grouped on days and persons and the total time spent inside an area (zone) or workgroup.

  • Monthly presence

    On days report – shows the presence in hours on every day and the total for a month.

* Beside the included reports in PulseHR, new reports can be added on customer request.

User Management

The users have different access rights defined by the user. They also can have full access to an interface or limited access – like append, edit or delete.

Multilanguage support

The actual version of PulseHR can be used in English and Romanian, but other languages can be easily added.


PulseGym is a door access control and membership management software package for gyms, fitness centers and various other sport clubs.

Our software solution helps you with the sales and tracking of member visits weather by one time tickets or membership cards.

Main features

  • Ticket or subscription based membership sales control
  • User management
  • Connected rotative door control with dedicated terminal mode
  • Data analysis and reports
  • Multilanguage support